Loving The Floral Dresses!! <3

Hello Everyone!!

Today I have picked out some super cute dresses that I have found online. I think they are all from Rosegal… Anyway, I hope you like them!!!

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My Current Favourite Allannah Hill Dresses!!!

Hello Everyone!

So today I thought it would be nice to share some dresses from Allannah Hill. I love the clothes that Allannah Hill sells, so today I am sharing three of my favourite dress which I found on their website. Visit their website, here.

All of the pictures below are from the Allannah Hill website which I have linked above.

Well, I hope you enjoy!

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My Summer Dresses Wishlist!!

Hello Everyone!!

For today’s post I have decided to show you some of the summer dresses I have seen online which I absolutely love and want to wear for the summer.

My dress taste is very floral and I also love cute vintage dresses! You will probably notice that most of the dresses fall under these themes….hehe!! 🙂 ❤

All of the dresses I have chosen are from dresslily I absolutely love their vintage dress range. They are so adorable and I think that most of the dresses I have chosen are from that range.

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Problems Shy People Face

Hello Everyone!! 🙂

So…I am a shy girl. If you are reading this then I am assuming you are a shy person too. Though, it’s totally cool if you’re not. 🙂 

I thought I would write something that shy people can relate to and I hope you enjoy it!!

    1. When you see an opportunity to say something in a conversation with people you don’t know overly well…but then someone starts talking and you lose the opportunity. 
    2. People asking “why don’t you talk?” or “why are you shy?”
    3. THE MOST ANNOYING THING SOMEONE CAN SAY “don’t be shy”. That’s like telling an opinionated person not to be opinionated. I mean…just…no. 
    4. When you are in class and it is the third term and someone says “Oh, I didn’t even know you were in this class” or “were you always in this class?”. 
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