I FINISHED! Purple Cat Purse

Hello Everyone,

So, today I thought I would share the purple crochet purse I have been making. It is something that I have made for a friend who absolutely loves cats. It didn’t take me long to make. The cat was made in one day and the rest of the purse was made in a couple of days. Below, I have got the pictures of it in the form of an infographic.

Purple Crochet Cat Purse.png

How I Made It

As you can see above, the purse is all in simple crochet stitch. Well, at least I think that is what you call it… All of the different names for stitches confuses me. Anyway, to start the purse off I followed the youtube video by Crochet Jewel which I have linked below. After the first couple of rows, I started doing my own little thing because I had an image of what I wanted it to look like in my head. Though, her video is very good, so I recommend you look at it!

Then, for the cat I followed the youtube video below by Guidecentral English.

Limitations of my Purse

  • Since I am very new to crochet I am not very good at making my sides straight, therefore, even though it is not obvious in the images, the sides of the purse are not that straight.
  • You can see where I stitched the applique cat on from the inside of the pure. I think I should have attached it with a thread which you can’t see as obviously. You can also see how messy it is…
  • The cat has so many errors in it, even if you can’t see it in the picture. This is because using black wool is very hard since you can’t see your little loops. Though, since it is black the errors are really not that obvious.
  • The clips which I used are attached well onto the wool, but since it is wool, it stretches, so my friend will have to be careful when she opens and closes it.

Overall, next time I make something similar, I am going to use a different method of attaching the flap of the purse to the purse. Before I make another one I should probably improve on my crochet skills…

I hope you like this post and are thinking of making something similar 🙂

Thankyou for reading and remember,