What To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Hi Everyone!! ūüėÄ

Below are some activities to do at home to try and get rid of boredom.

  1. Text a friend. See what your friends are doing and if they are bored too then you can have a conversation.
  2. Start a puzzle
  3. Read a novel
  4. Watch a movie
  5. Make a fort with the television inside, then watch a movie.
  6. Turn the music up loud and dance and sing to your hearts content.
  7. Go online and start a blog
  8. Do online quizzes. Go to Buzzfeed or TotalGirl Quizzes or Seventeen. There are many more quizzes online as well.
  9. Do some online games. Friv has some cute games.
  10. Get into your gym gear and do a workout.
  11. Go online shopping
  12. Watch movie trailers
  13. Watch music videos
  14. Explore youtube for new youtubers.
  15. Get updeted with the news of the world. National Geographic has some cool information that you can look through.
  16. Explore wordpress and find new bloggers
  17. Scrapbook
  18. Try to learn binary coding
  19. Bake something
  20. Write in a journal
  21. Go online and organise a day out.
  22. Start knitting a scarf (or learn how to knit)
  23. Go through and organise your photos on your phone or computer
  24. Look through your facebook feed until you are all the way back to yesterdays feed
  25. Have a bath or long, relaxing shower
  26. Start writing a book
  27. Print off emojis and stick them around the house.
  28. Experiment with your makeup
  29. Learn the names of every type of flower
  30. Download Quizup on your phone or ipad and play to your hearts content
  31. Do a crossword, sudoku, dot-to-dot or colouring in
  32. Make yourself a smoothie
  33. Try new hairstyle with you hair
  34. Plan your next holiday
  35. Sort through your emails
  36. Watch every episode of your favourite television show
  37. Read through quotes online
  38. Start writing up a family tree
  39. Tidy the house. Yep, boringgg
  40. Clean the house. I know, boring ūüė¶
  41. Try out DIY’s or Life Hacks
  42. Label your clothes by sewing your name or initials on the clothing tag
  43. Write a song
  44. Get a Wattpad account and read stories. On Wattpad there are infinity stories so just read, read, read.
  45. Learn how to juggle
  46. Take a nap
  47. Do some washing.¬†Thats boring too…
  48. Learn how to say “hello” in as many languages as¬†possible
  49. Collaborate cute outfits
  50. Read a magazine or a newspaper
  51. Make or update your resume
  52. Search the internet for volunteering options or community events
  53. Search for new music artists. There are some really good websites out there that can help your find good music such as gnoosic or musicroamer.
  54. Try to draw a really good eye or face
  55. Search the web for new recipes
  56. Do Crayon Art.

That’s¬†everything I can think of at the moment. Comment if you have any other ideas of what to do when you are bored at home.

Keep smiling ūüôā


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